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I feel like a lot of cartoons are very predictable.

If you look at a cartoon that you think is great, you can be pretty sure it’s going to end with some random Batman doing something super lame.

There’s nothing more boring than that.

However, sometimes there’s something genuinely special about a cartoon drawing, like a Batman animation.

Here are some of the best of the greats, and how they did it.

Batman: Batmobile Batman: Nightwing I remember seeing this cartoon back in the ’90s.

Nightwing was a character that was sort of at the forefront of Batman lore.

I loved Nightwing as a kid.

He was just such a cool character.

When I saw this animated film of the Batman animated series, I had to watch it again.

I was hooked.

I really loved it.

There are some really interesting things in the Batman animation that I find interesting.

Batman and Robin, Batman and Friends: Batman and Me This cartoon is very much a classic.

It’s about Batman and his friends, Robin and Batman.

They’re both very different characters.

Robin is a bit more brash, while Batman is more of a quiet, gentle person.

The animated series also featured some interesting moments with Robin and his family, including the death of Robin’s parents.

This is the Batman cartoon that got me into the comic book.

Batman Beyond, Batman: The Animated Series This is probably the most famous Batman cartoon, as it was the first time I saw the animated series.

Batman’s first appearance was in the early ’70s.

The Batman Animated Series was a series that featured animated shorts about the character.

The first episode was a Batman and Catwoman episode called “Catwoman’s Curse.”

It’s pretty obvious that the Batman Animated series was inspired by the Batman books.

Batman Begins, Batman & Robin This animated series is another classic that I loved.

Batman & Batgirl is an animated show that was originally released in the 1980s.

It tells the story of Batman and Batgirl’s relationship.

The show has a lot more depth than the comics.

Batman Returns, Batman The Animated series has a great animated film called “Batman: The Return” that was released in 1997.

It has a few very interesting moments.

It features the death, resurrection, and rebirth of the Bat.

It also has a good story about the death and resurrection of the Dark Knight.

Batman Forever, Batman Forever: Return of the Caped Crusader I remember watching this animated series when it first came out in the late ’80s.

There was a very interesting Batman Forever movie called “Return of the Black Knight.”

It was the last Batman animated film before he was killed by Joker.

This animated show also had a lot to do with the death.

This cartoon series is probably one of the most popular ones.

Batman/Superman: The Brave and the Bold This is another one of my favorites.

Superman is in a fight with Doomsday and it’s pretty cool to see Superman’s fight with the villain.

It was one of those shows that I would watch every once in a while.

Batman And Robin: Return Of The Joker Batman: Super Friends This cartoon features some really cool stuff.

It shows the life of Batman’s family.

One of the episodes is called “Family Time.”

It features a very special scene where Batman’s wife, Selina, gives birth to their son.

I remember being so excited about this one.

I mean, that was the greatest moment in my life.

I can’t even explain how excited I was for that scene.

Batman Incorporated, Batman Inc. The second animated series to debut after Batman: Return was this animated show.

This show is very dark, and I loved the first episode.

This one features a Batman who is in jail.

The main character is called the Joker.

There were a lot good things about this show.

The Joker is very different from the Joker from the comics, and he’s a very evil person.

Batman Eternal, Batman Eternal: Return The third animated series that debuted after Batman Forever was this series.

It introduced the character of Batman Eternal.

Batman, the Dark Lord, is Batman’s main nemesis.

This series also features a lot about Batman’s past.

Batman is a man who is always fighting for justice, even when he has a crime scene.

It takes a lot from the comic books, and this animated version is a lot darker than the animated versions.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Batman V. Superman: Doomsday It was probably the darkest animated series I’ve seen, but it was still very cool to watch.

This was the one where Batman was the only person who had his family killed.

The story is a pretty interesting one, and the Batman V S.T.A.R. Labs is kind of a twist.

Batman has been killed by Doomsday before.

Batman was a father figure to many of his friends.

The other characters also had some big problems with Batman.

Batman Vs Superman: