Happy Monkey

Happiness Defined

A turkey that’s not a turkey.

That’s right, the turkey that makes a nice big turkey sandwich at Thanksgiving.

But what does it taste like?

The answer to that question, at least, is a turkey that tastes a lot like a turkey with an eggshell.

So what makes the turkey so special?

We spoke to cartoonist and writer Jason Leggett, who made his debut with Cartoon Turkey, and the man behind the character of the cartoon Turkey.

“There’s a lot of talk about the difference between a turkey and a turkey, but really, the difference is in the way it looks,” Leggets told us.

“And if you’re a turkey-eating person, then you’re probably thinking about how it looks like, how it smells, how much it weighs.

That sort of stuff, if you’ve got an eye and an ear, you’re going to notice the differences.”

But for the cartoonist, who created the cartoon as part of his work as a freelance cartoonist at Image Comics, the key to the turkey’s look was its taste.

“The main reason that it’s different than other turkeys is because it tastes like it,” Leght said.

“It’s really the flavor.

If you’re like me and you have a problem with the smell of turkeys, that’s probably the first thing that pops into your mind.”

So Legget and his team took the traditional turkey and tweaked it.

“Our goal was to make the turkey as natural as possible,” Leegett said.

That meant they took the turkey and removed the bird’s feathers and replaced them with a layer of gelatin.

Then they replaced the turkey with a wooden box made of wood that was then placed in the oven.

The turkey is now a turkey-shaped, meaty piece of plastic with a shell on top.

“We used a few different methods to make this turkey,” Leff said.

For example, the bird was first dipped in gelatin and then sliced and cooked in a food processor.

Then the bird pieces were cut into small chunks.

“When the turkey is cooked, the gelatin layer is the last thing that goes on the surface of the meat,” Leef said.

And then the turkey pieces were immersed in a broth, which leef said “really helps it stay soft.”

The broth and the meat were then grilled to create the taste of the turkey.

“So what we’re cooking here is a really delicious, juicy, tender turkey,” said Leggetts.

“I don’t think anyone’s going to want to eat this.”

So, while the turkey may look like a bird that’s been stuffed with a turkey sandwich, it’s really a turkey made of a special kind of gelatin that gives it its distinct flavor.

“That’s what makes this turkey so unique,” Leagett said of the way that the turkey tastes.

“Because of the special ingredients that were used in this process, it doesn’t taste the same as any other turkey that comes out of the same factory.”

The team hopes that the new turkey will make it to the Thanksgiving table soon, and if that happens, they’re going all out to make sure that the flavor of the Thanksgiving meal is as delicious as the original turkey.

The new turkey is available at Amazon and Walmart, and it will cost you about $40.

If that’s enough for you, you can also get the original cartoon for a very good price.

The Cartoon Turkey Facebook page has already attracted over 1,000 fans, and Leggitt has already gotten some feedback on the new design.

“A lot of people have commented on the bird, saying, ‘This is awesome,'” Leggit said.

The first batch of 10,000 of the new bird were released on Thursday.

If all goes well, Cartoon Turkey will release 10,500 more birds, each containing the same design, by Thanksgiving, but they will be more expensive.

You can buy them at the following locations: Amazon – Amazon Prime – Walmart – Target – Best Buy – Best.com – BestBuy.com.com Gift Cards – Bestbuy.com/Cartoon Turkey.com and Walmart.com (CartoonTurkey is available through Amazon Prime and Walmart).

For more information on the cartoon, visit the Cartoon Turkey website.