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We’ve seen cartoon flames from Donald Trump to Donald Sterling to Kevin Spacey, but it’s one of the few times he’s not been cartoon flames himself.

In a recent episode of The Simpsons, the cartoonist has an even less comedic take on the controversy surrounding his past comments.

In his episode, “I’m Not a Racist,” the cartoon’s resident racist, Bart Simpson, tells a black family member that he’s going to take over the White House and appoint a “racist” as his Chief of Staff.

Simpson explains that he doesn’t want a black president because “that would be a big step down” from the Whitehouse.

When the family member responds, “What does a ‘racist’ do?”

Simpson responds, in a sarcastic tone, “Well, I’m not going to be a racist.”

Simpson’s comments were a bit too close to the mark for many people.

The episode had some viewers feeling like he was pandering to white supremacists.

However, that’s not what happened.

After a number of reactions from fans, the episode aired on Monday.

Simpsons co-creator Matt Groening took to Twitter to defend himself, writing, “Not racist?

I’m just saying he’s a white dude.”

Simpsons executive producer Al Jean responded, “It’s okay to disagree, Al Jean.

We are all human beings.

You just don’t insult us in public.

But, I would not suggest you are a racist or a bigot.

We all have a right to disagree.”

Simpsons brother, Charlie, chimed in, “Yes, I agree with Al Jean.”

“I don’t think it’s wrong,” said Groening.

“It might not be right, but I do agree with it.”

Simsons brother said, “We are all humans.

You are not a bigot if you disagree with us, and I’m very comfortable with that.

We’re all human.

And I think he’s entitled to his opinion, but he should be entitled to be able to disagree with it.