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Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim animated series, Sonic the Hedgehog, is known for its whimsical humor and surreal world.

In 2018, Sonic got a reboot, with Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric.

In 2019, Sonic Boom launched on Cartoon Network. 

In the following weeks, we ranked the top 100 Original Sonic characters from all-time, with the goal of showing you what made each character tick.

In honor of the anniversary of Sonic the Comic, we’re including a special Sonic Boom panel discussion with creator Masahiro Sakurai and other cast members from the show.

It will be streamed on October 16. 


Sonic the hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehogs first appearance) (1995) I remember the first time I saw Sonic the movie, and I remember feeling really confused, and then really excited. 

The movie is full of goofy jokes, but the main focus of the movie is Sonic’s first appearance in the franchise. 

After the movie ended, Sonic started making his way to the TV series. 

This is the second Sonic film in the series, and it’s pretty much what you would expect. 

It has all of the usual Sonic tropes: a fast, powerful robot, a bad guy, and an alien planet. 

When I was watching it in theaters, I really enjoyed the movie. 

I liked how the film has the two robots interacting, and that it’s mostly about the humans, the robots, and the aliens. 


Sonic Boom (Sega’s first reboot) (“2005”) This reboot was released in 2006 and is a big deal for the Sonic universe. 

With a new series, a new direction, and a new hero, it is a welcome change. 

However, it was a very difficult reboot for Sonic fans. 

First, they got a remake that was so different from the original that some fans couldn’t accept the reboot. 

Also, the film had a bit of a plot hole in the middle that some Sonic fans didn’t understand, and Sonic Boom was a bit too light on exposition. 

Then, the movie had a very dark tone, which some fans didn`t like. 


Sonic Adventure (SEGA’s second reboot) (2007) This movie is still remembered as one of the best Sonic movies ever. 

Sonic Adventure is a remake of the first Sonic film, Sonic Adventure, which was released by Sega in 2008. 

Although Sonic Adventure is very different from Sonic Boom, the tone and plot of the sequel are similar to the first movie.

Sonic has the power of sonic energy, and he also has a friend named Amy, who was in the film. 

Amy is a supercomputer who can help Sonic and his friends save the world. 

She and Sonic help Sonic find a way to save Amy’s planet, but that’s where things get complicated. 


Sonic Colors (Sonus Sonic’s second appearance) (2009) The Sonic series is about Sonic, and every episode was about Sonic. 

There was one episode that featured a character called Tails, which didn’t make the cut in the sequel. 

Unfortunately, Tails wasn’t a very well-known character in the Sonic world, so fans of Sonic would miss out on an opportunity to see him. 


Sonic Unleashed (Sons third appearance) (2012) Sons fourth appearance is not a huge hit, but fans of the series still remember the character very fondly. 

 Son, Sonic’s robot companion, was in one of Sonic’s adventures, and was involved in many adventures with Sonic.

There was a big plot twist in Sonic Unleashed, but Sonic didn’t know that at the time. 

So, fans of this series are left wondering why he is in a coma, and what happened to his body. 


Sonic and Knuckles (Songs first appearance and first appearance of Sonic) (“2012”) Songs second appearance is one of my favorite Sonic adventures, which is a little surprising considering it took Sonic over 20 years to make his first Sonic movie.

Sonic Skins first appearance is in Sonic the Fighters , which is an action movie about the first Super Sonic.

It has an interesting twist to it, with Knuckles trying to destroy Sonic for revenge. 


Sonic & Knuckles (First appearance of Knuckles) “The Mighty Knuckles” (2010) First appearance in Sonic & Sonic at the Rio Olympics, and Knuckle was the mascot for the United States Olympic Committee. 

Knuckle is the son of the world champion boxer Billy Knuckles, and has a crush on Amy, the daughter of the president of the United Nations. 


Sonic Heroes (first appearance of the Super Sonic) “(2010) “The Super Sonic” is one the best Super Sonic