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The latest in a series of ‘cute girl’ cartoon series that feature nude cartoon girls are hitting the shelves in India, but a new issue of “Fashion” magazine has a new twist.

“Faux Glamour” magazine features the first issue of the cartoon series “Cute Girl Cartoon” in Hindi with an erotic story, and is scheduled to be released in the next two weeks.

The cartoon, featuring the likes of “Deebo” and “Gandhi” is a “glamorous” and girly cartoon that features an erotic woman.

The cartoon has drawn a lot of attention from fashion designers.

“Cutesy cartoon girl” has been dubbed as the ‘next big thing’ by the fashion designer, Jashon Kale.

“Cute” is the term coined by a professor in a prestigious American university to describe a cartoon girl.

The ‘cutesy’ character of “Candy Girl” from the Japanese anime series “The Idolmaster” is famous for her short, flowing hair and “bikini” body.

“Bikini” is popular among fashion designers in Japan and in the United States, and the trend has gained popularity in India as well.

The character of the “Cupid” character from the American TV series “Shark Tank” is also famous for being a bikini model.