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My friend and I are both in our third year of undergraduate studies, and we have started to build a bit of a nest egg. 

As we prepare to leave for our first year, I’m looking forward to investing in a pair of socks for my roommate, and she is looking forward, too. 

“You should buy a pair.

It’s just the best pair of shoes,” she says. 

My friends and I love to talk about our college savings, and what we’re saving for our educations. 

When I first started, I thought I’d save $15,000 for my first year.

But that’s not the case.

We spent our first two years of college on our own, so we spent our entire first year looking for a way to make money.

I used my own money to buy college textbooks, but I found out the hard way that not all of my classmates were taking that route. 

We had a few friends who went with the “don’t buy them, save them” path, but ultimately I didn’t have a good plan for what I wanted to do with my money. 

I had been working on a list of things I wanted my roommate to buy and thought I could get through the summer without much trouble.

And when I started talking to my roommates about our financial plans, it was clear they didn’t want to take the plunge.

“We’re going to do this ourselves,” said my friend. 

She also said that if I could do it myself, I’d be better off investing in my own education. 

So, we went out and bought some socks for our roommate, hoping they’d work out. 

But as we were wrapping them up and put them away, I realized I didn- I didn’d be able to save enough money to cover her tuition. 

That’s when we realized that if we were going to save up, we’d have to invest in a college education.

A lot of people think college is expensive, but it’s actually not.

So what if you can’t afford it?

What if you’re living in a big city, but you can afford a small town school?

You can still save money if you choose to, but if you think you can, here are some of the best college savings strategies we can use.

Save for your first semester, or even the entire first term.

You might not have enough money for a first-year package, but most of the major colleges are in the same price range, and you can save more money in the first two or three years. 

If you can cover your first-semester tuition, then your second-semeber is going to cost you more.

In the first year you’re going in with a small amount of money, but the second year you can use that money to pay for a bigger package. 

You can also put a little extra money aside for the first semester or semester after, so you can buy more supplies or more clothes. 

Even if you don’t have the full package, you’ll be saving a lot of money.

If you need a gift, you can always pay for the postage. 

It may seem like a lot, but in the end, you’re saving money.

And it’s not just a college package; you can even save money for other things like car repairs. 

The first year is the most important, so get started.

For example, I saved money by buying a small car for my girlfriend, who is currently driving a Nissan Frontier. 

This is a great way to save money in your first two months of college. 

Instead of buying a new car every year, you should buy an inexpensive one, like the Nissan Rogue.

Don’t spend money on gifts.

If you want to make it to your first term with a lot more money, you may want to buy gifts. 

However, if you plan to spend the first few months of your education, you don�t need gifts.

It�s a good idea to have a savings account for this first semester. 

 And it can help you save a lot if you spend money, too, since you don- won�t have to worry about paying it back if you save money.

Don’t waste money on clothes.

Although there are a lot less expensive, mid-priced clothing options available now, a lot are not going to make a big difference.

Most clothing is made in China, and most of it has a lot higher prices than you’ll find at the mall.

What you can do, however, is buy some cheap clothes, like T-shirts, jeans, jackets, or pants.

The clothes will be a lot cheaper when you start saving for your second year. 

Some people buy more than one outfit a month and then save money, so it’s important to make sure you’re