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By now you’ve probably heard the rumor that a new Disney animated film is in the works and, yes, it’s about cute cartoon.

The rumor has popped up on social media, and has been spreading for months.

We asked Disney what it had to say, but have not heard back.

The official Disney site, however, has responded with a rather definitive statement.

“We’ve been exploring the idea for a while,” Disney’s statement reads.

“But as we continue to do research, we’ve realized that we need to get back to basics to create the next Disney classic.”

What does that mean?

The word classic is an adjective, not a noun.

It refers to a film or TV show that is timeless, iconic, or recognizable.

The word “classic” isn’t used to describe a movie or TV series that was released in theaters in 1996 or 1998.

It’s used to refer to a movie that was produced before its time.

So, classic is a very broad term that can refer to anything from a popular animated film to a TV show or book series.

“The original vision for the movie was that it was a celebration of the Disney brand and what it meant to the people who worked on it, and it would be a movie about friendship and family,” Disney CEO Bob Iger said in May 2016.

“What we ended up with was a story that was really about what it means to be a Disney princess.

I can’t imagine the movie ever doing very well outside of the marketplace, but that’s a great place to be, and we’ll continue to explore the idea of a Disney classic movie.”