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It seems every year, we find a new and bizarre Halloween costume in which we’re told something totally different.

One year, it was a skull mask.

Another year it was an animal skull.

This year, the headgear we’ve been treated to is a cartoon skull.

It’s one of the most bizarre Halloween creations I’ve ever seen.

It appears to be made of cardboard and a piece of rubber.

The cartoon skull is a very cool design, but it’s a little unsettling.

First of all, it’s obviously made of some sort of metal.

But the headpiece seems to be the real draw.

Its metal is a solid plastic and looks like it could be a little bit more solid, but its not.

The headpiece is a cardboard skull with the skull’s face printed on it.

It looks like the cartoon skull itself is glued on, but I can’t see any glue at all on the head.

It also seems like the skull could be printed on, and it would have a lot of room to move around on it, so it could look pretty realistic.

I’m sure someone has made a fake skull mask of the cartoon head, but this one is a little much.

Even though I think it’s fun and different, the cartoon-style skull is not going to stand up to scrutiny.

Here are some pictures of it.

I don’t know if I like this one.

It would have been better if it wasn’t the most realistic skull in the collection.

It seems like a very cheap Halloween costume, but maybe the creator could have used cardboard for its skull, or something.

Or maybe the skull is just a cheap toy.

Maybe someone made a costume with the cartoon heads and printed the face on the skull.

Maybe they didn’t make it.

Either way, the skull skull is pretty much just a cardboard mask with a face on it that’s printed on.

It is not a real skull, and even though it has the cartoon cartoon face on its head, it has no skull inside.

It may be a toy or something, but the cartoon face is the real deal.

You can read more about the skull here.