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How do you know when a joke is funny?

That’s what the world’s leading internet humourist and broadcaster David Barboza has found out.

He has compiled a “troll diary” and the results are as hilarious as they are horrifying.

Barbozo, a former editor of The Daily Show, is the host of the comedy podcast Tired of Being A Troll, and a regular on the new series of the BBC show Inside The Actors Studio.

He is also a member of the Australian Comedy Festival’s panel of panelists.

The comedians will discuss how they deal with the trolling, whether it’s from a family member or an internet troll.

What do you think? “

But then the next thing you know, it’s the opposite, and then the same thing happens again.”

What do you think?

Have your say on the Tired Of Being A Troll panel on Inside The Acts Studio on Saturday at 10.30am on ABC TV.

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Have you been a victim of trolling?

What’s the most annoying thing you’ve heard?

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The podcast will also be broadcast on ABC Radio National.