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Cartoon boy isn’t real.

But that hasn’t stopped some people from trying to make it.

Here are the 10 most ridiculous attempts to create a cartoon boy.


The Internet has created a cartoon of a real-life cartoon boy with the caption “Cartoon boy is fake.”

“Cartoons are supposed to be fun,” says artist John Aravosis.

“If we can’t make it entertaining, it doesn’t belong.”

The Internet is creating a cartoon in the style of a cartoon character created by illustrator J.M. Coetzee called the “Carton Boy.”

The cartoon has been shared more than 2 million times.


A YouTube video titled “The Cartoon Boy Is Real!” shows a cartoon version of the cartoon boy that is real.

The cartoon is called the Boy.

The boy has no hair and is wearing glasses.


The creators of a website called “CartoBoy” are trying to create an “American Boy.”

It is not just the Boy, but the Boy is a man with hair.

He is wearing a hat and has a mustache.

“The Boy is not a real American Boy.

He’s a cartoon Boy,” says the site.

“This is the Cartoon Boy, a fictional character from the cartoon Boy, created by the J. M. Coenzee and John A. Cozee Company,” the website says.


The YouTube video is called “The boy is real.”

But the real boy isn�t a real boy.

The Boy is called a “Manga Boy.”

“He�s not a boy.

He�s a manga Boy,” the creators of the video say.

The video has been viewed more than 9.5 million times and is still available.


A website called the Cartoon Board has created an “imagination board” that shows a boy named “The American Boy” with a mustache and hat.

It also shows a character called “Mr. Cartoon.”

The Cartoon Board claims it is a parody of a fictional company called “American Toys.”

The site is calling the cartoon a “fantasy story of a kid who wants to become a superhero.”


A group called the Teenage Cartoon Club has created the website “Cartboy’s Playbook,” which features a cartoon that shows the cartoon as a superhero.

The group says it is “a fun, easy way to get kids excited about their favorite cartoon characters.”


A Facebook page called “J.

M Coetzees Cartoon Boy” has more than 8 million likes.

It says the cartoon is “J M Coetzeez�s real boy.”


A video titled the boy is just real has been uploaded to YouTube more than a million times, but that is a hoax.

The creator of the website, J.S. Miller, claims the video is real and says he has a new video that shows an actual cartoon boy named Mr. Cartoon.


“Cartman: My Boy” is a new cartoon that features a young boy named Tom, who lives with his mother.

“Tom is just a boy,” the creator says in the video.

“He’s the best friend of the Cartoon Girl.

He likes to be a cartoon hero and help people, too.”


A Twitter account called “Real Cartoon Boy,” which is associated with a fictional YouTube channel called Cartoon Boy’s PlayBook, has nearly 11 million followers.

The account claims the boy’s real name is “Bertram.”

The account is still online and claims to have thousands of followers.