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A cartoon pineapple has now sold out of its inaugural episode at the Adelaide Theatre.

Black girl cartoon pineapple (CBC News)A total of 3,000 tickets were available for the show, which aired on the ABC on Saturday.

“I think it was a huge success for us and it’s an exciting one to see how far the pineapple is going to go,” show producer and creator Melissa Pritchard said.

“It’s been a challenge getting people to watch it, so we are really excited about that.”

The show is a new project for Pritcher, who had previously created the “Cartoon Girl” comic strip and “Tales of the City” for the ABC.

“We’ve got a lot of really young, really diverse, young people that have come into the show and they’ve been really supportive,” she said.

She said she had hoped the show would be a showcase for people of colour and was excited to bring it to the stage.

“You can tell that it’s really diverse and it looks really cool, so it’s definitely a great opportunity for us to showcase it,” Pritchers creative director Ben McLean said.

The show’s first episode aired on Sunday night.

It featured a black female character named Pineapple and a white female character, Coco, who played a “cartoon-like” role in the show.

Pineapple’s popularity has been huge in Australia, with the show winning best cartoon program on ABC TV.

Pritchard was inspired to make a show after watching a television commercial in which a white girl in a black costume is told she’s going to be the next “superstar” if she does not give up her “black hair” and “black eyes”.

“I’m really interested in having the girls of colour,” she told news.com, “so I’ve seen so many different kinds of girls being made, so I thought it was important to try to get them to play a part, and that’s where I came up with Pineapple.”

Pineapples success was due to the show’s creator’s “strong black female voice”.

“We really wanted to create a show that reflected what’s really important in the world, and to show how our lives are shaped by that,” Pryschard said, “and to give the world a voice and make it better.”

In a lot a ways, Pineapple is about being a young girl in the hood and about trying to find your place in the universe.

“Pritcher said the show has also featured a white male lead.”

A lot of young black men that I think might be looking for a black girl, I think Pineapple helped make that a reality for them,” she explained.”

The show has given a voice to so many of them and hopefully it will continue to do so.

“She hopes the show can be seen as a way to empower young girls in Australia.”

There’s so much that they can learn from Pineapple, and I hope that we’re able to use that as a tool for them to find their own voice,” she concluded.

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