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A cartoon character drawing cartoon characters of women, children and others has faced legal troubles in Canada, after drawing them as cartoon characters in a photo gallery posted online.

Key points:The cartoon characters were painted on the wall of a Vancouver apartment building in OctoberThe woman, identified only as a single mother, sued the artist in court on Monday and wonThe cartoonist, who has since been fired, had previously been sued in a Canadian court on a similar chargeThe Canadian court ruled that the cartoon artist could not be fired, because he had a right to draw cartoons.

The cartoon, entitled “My Little Pony,” was painted on a wall of the apartment building on October 27, 2017.

The plaintiff in the case, who identified herself only as Lillian, says she had been renting the apartment from the artist since February.

Lillian says the artist painted a drawing of her children, her children’s children, the same children, who were wearing pink clothes.

She told CBC News on Tuesday that she has been receiving death threats.

“They are threatening to kill me, and they are trying to burn my house down,” Lillian said.

“He is the worst.

He’s a total creep.”

Lillian’s lawyer, Mark Garska, said in a statement that the artist was fired in a separate court case, and that he was not able to comment further.

Garska said he is considering filing a lawsuit in Canada.

He did not immediately respond to a request for comment from CBC News.