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By The Associated Press (AP)By THE ASSOCIATED PRESSWASHINGTON (AP)–“Dancing Chicken” cartoon is being called “disgusted” by some people, and some people are calling the cartoon cat drawing “disgraceful” by others.

A group of people, who spoke anonymously, said they are offended by the cartoon drawing.

The group, which calls itself the “Sick Kids” and says they are concerned about child abuse, posted a video on YouTube in April of a young boy playing with a chicken, which has a face covered with a face mask.

The video was shared more than 2 million times and garnered thousands of views.

The clown face is meant to be humorous, the group said in the video.

It’s just a little kid who loves to clown.

It would be so funny if he did it all the time.

The creators of the cartoon said in a statement on their website that they take issue with the cartoon being called derogatory.

The group’s statement says they want to be called out on this issue.

“We’ve taken a stand against all forms of bullying in a very personal way, and we have to,” the statement reads.

“That’s why we have chosen to share this with our community in the first place.

We hope it helps.”

The group says in the statement that their goal is to raise awareness of the issue and to help the young children in our community understand what bullying is.

“These kids deserve to be told that bullying is wrong,” the group says.

“While we don’t want this to be a joke, it is clear that some people don’t agree with our stand on this topic.”

The clown drawing has been shared more the videos and comments on YouTube.

“Duck-dying is disgusting,” said one commenter.

“I think it is disgusting, and I don’t even know what to say to that,” said another.

“The clown is a disgrace,” said a third.

“If it’s something I would think of myself, I would say it’s disgusting,” a fourth wrote.

“No one likes a cartoon frog, but the guy who drew this is an idiot,” said someone else.

The Clown Face website says in its FAQ page that it was created by cartoonist Greg Henson, who died in 2016.

It says it is intended to be “an educational and fun interactive educational service for kids.”