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Cartoon Network, the parent company of Cartoon Network Rooster Teeth, is expected to shut down the Sunflower Network as a result of a recent merger with Cartoon Network and its sister channel, Cartoon Network News.

The move is expected on Thursday, the day after the network’s annual Spring Festival.

A representative for Cartoon Network told Deadline that the network is taking “a strategic approach to the Sunflowers.”

The network’s parent company is owned by Warner Bros. and the network will continue to be a division of Warner Bros., the spokesperson said.

The announcement comes a few days after Warner Bros.’ parent company, 21st Century Fox, acquired the SunFlowers.

The merger was announced in August, and the merger includes the Sun Flowers as well as a number of other channels including Cartoon Network’s The Breakfast Club, Cartoon Block, and TeenNick.

According to Deadline, the new name for Cartoon Networks is “SunFlowers” and the new branding is expected “to improve brand awareness for the network and help attract more viewers to Cartoon Network.”

“We are very excited about the new brand and the opportunities it brings for the SunFamily brand and for our customers,” said Tom Ritchie, Chairman and CEO of Cartoon Networks.

“The SunFamily brands of Cartoon Channel and Cartoon Network will remain a part of Cartoon network, but we are moving to a new brand that is based on a shared vision for the future of animation.”

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