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The Duck cartoon series is known for its humorous depictions of characters who were not only cute, but were also quite handsome.

But the series’ cartoon characters are not the only ones who are often portrayed as gay.

Duck cartoonist Matt Furie was a big supporter of gay rights, as was comedian Mike Tyson, who has been featured on Nickelodeon’s Adult Swim series “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!” and in other shows.

Gay rights are an ongoing issue in America, as it is today, and it’s time for the Duck and Friends to be able to say that they’re proud of their characters and their characters are gay.

The Duck series is one of the oldest in the Duck Universe, and the characters are known for being a “fairytale” and a “giant duck.”

But the Duck cartoon is one that is not limited to fairy tales.

While it’s true that the Duck series often depicts characters that are homosexual, many of the characters in the series are also gay.

They are: Ducky, the duck who is gay, Dinky, a gay duck who lives with Ducky and his best friend, and Doody, the friend that Ducky falls in love with.

Ducky is also a very cute, well-dressed duck, but the Duck also has an interest in being gay.

So when Duck creator Charlie Murphy told The Advocate that his character, Ducky the Duck, is gay after a long hiatus from the show, it was widely considered a huge victory.

But Ducky has been out for over 50 years.

In his time as a Duck, Dinkys history as a gay Duck is well documented, and he is a good example of why we should not judge characters based solely on their gender identity.

But even though Ducky as a character is a gay character, he is still a Duck.

It is still his duck.

This does not mean that all Duck cartoons are straight.

Some cartoons portray characters as gay, while others depict characters as straight.

In the “Cuckoo Clock” cartoon series, the male characters are depicted as gay in one scene, and some of the female characters are portrayed as straight in another.

In some cartoons, the characters may be depicted as straight, but are depicted with either an attraction to other men or women.

In other cartoons, there are no such restrictions.

Some of the most famous examples of straight Duck cartoons include Duck Tales, Duck Tales: The Adventures of Duck Tales and Duck Tales 2: Duck Tales the Movie.

In “The Adventures of Ducky” series, Dandy and Ducky are both depicted as men, and in “Duck Tales: Duck Adventures” series the male and female Duck characters are both portrayed as men.

But not all of these Duck cartoons feature only straight characters.

Some feature characters as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, or questioning.

There are even cartoons that feature characters that have a genderqueer identity, which can sometimes be more fluid than a straight identity.

In addition to being gay or straight, characters may also be bisexual, transgender, or just curious about the outside world.

As Duck fans, we love our cartoon characters and think of them as real people.

We can be proud of them and be proud that they are gay or gay and straight.

So while it may seem like we have more to be proud about than any of the other characters in Duck cartoons, we should also be proud to have Duck cartoons as our source of pride.

This article originally appeared on ESPN The Magazine.