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Red vs Blue was the first Marvel Comics comic to feature a blue-skinned hero, but a recent redesign of the character has brought him back to his red-and-blue roots.

Red vs. Green, published by Marvel Comics, is the first comic book series in Marvel’s history to feature the Red Hulk, a fictional character created by Brian Michael Bendis in the 1990s.

The Red Hulk’s red hair and red eyes became iconic in the character’s portrayal in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where he was one of the first villains to take on the role of the Hulk, which was adopted by the Fantastic Four, a team of superhero-loving humans led by Reed Richards.

A new redesign of Red vs Green has red-haired Red Hulk now sporting a more prominent, red and blue skin tone.

The redesign of a red-skinned Hulk was announced on Monday at the Marvel Comics Annual #2 event, and the redesign is being touted as a “rebirth” of the original Red Hulk from the 1990 series.

Red-skinned Red Hulk in the comics.

Marvel ComicsMarvel Comics has announced a new redesign for Red Hulk as he returns to his roots.

The comic book is the second in a series of redesigns of the Red-Hulk character.

The first was published in 2005 and was retitled Red Hulk and is the basis of a movie, starring Chris Evans.

The new redesign features a more vibrant and vibrant skin tone and a red hair color.

Marvel Comics also released a new red-skin Hulk poster, which features the new design.

“In the new Red Hulk redesign, we’re trying to give fans a more grounded, red-headed version of Red Hulk that has been on the horizon for a while,” said Joe Quesada, Marvel Comics President of Publishing.

“This is an exciting time for Red and his team and for us.

Red is back!”

Marvel’s Red vs Yellow series is the newest Marvel comics series to introduce a new, red skin-tone Red Hulk.

The series launched in May.