Happy Monkey

Happiness Defined

I started drawing when I was 12.

I’ve been drawing since I was 18.

When I started I was drawing for a living, and then I started doing freelance stuff.

I’m doing this cartoon show called Zombie Cartoon Rooster now.

I started in ’98 when I got a job doing the Saturday Night Live sketches and sketch shows.

I ended up doing a lot of stuff for Cartoon Network and they asked me to do the cartoon show.

I was just doing it for fun and I was very happy with the job.

I think I was making about $100,000 a year.

I had no idea how much money I was going to make.

I didn’t know how much it would take to make a living doing cartoons.

I made the $1,000 minimum wage and got a $100 bonus.

I got $5,000 for the first cartoon I made and I got another $5 for every one I made after that.

When did I realize I wanted to be a cartoon artist?

When I was in sixth grade.

I saw this cartoon that I liked called ‘The Cartoon Roosters’ and I wanted it.

I said, “This is crazy.

I have to do this cartoon.”

So I made it.

The next thing I knew, I was doing sketch shows for Cartoon Networks, Cartoon Riots and Cartoon Club.

And then I got my first full-time job.

My first full time job was doing Cartoon Club, which was a cartoon show that was produced by Cartoon Network.

So I was able to do some sketch shows and then Cartoon Rials, which is what I did until 2008 when I left to go to work on the show The Cartoon Roasters.

So, when I finished doing all the sketches for The Cartoon Rios, it was pretty crazy to be honest.

The cartoons weren’t all that good and it was a lot more work to do all the sketch shows than I was used to doing.

I would do one sketch a day and then there was a whole lot of sketch shows that I would be doing, and that’s when I started getting into full-fledged cartooning.

When was the last time you saw a cartoon that you thought was really good?

When was it when you were most inspired by a cartoon?

I think when I first started doing the cartoons in ’99, when we had all of these Cartoon Rieses, the first one was the ’98 Cartoon Club and that was the first time I saw one that I thought was good.

I mean, it looked good, it had a nice little comic book-like look.

So it was just amazing to watch, because I could just look at it and I just thought, “I want to do that.”

It’s a really easy thing to do.

There are so many great cartoon shows and I think it was that one cartoon that inspired me to just get more into it.

It was like I got to really put my money where my mouth was and try to do my best.

It just started getting more and more and better and then one day I saw a video that I watched that I really liked and thought, I want to work with that.

I don’t know why I was thinking about doing it.

So when I saw that video and I saw how good it was and I thought, wow, I really like it.

How many cartoons have you seen that you felt were just absolutely fantastic?

I mean I think one of my favorites was when I worked on The Super Kids.

That was a really good cartoon that was just fun to do because you know, there was no dialogue in the cartoon.

I loved it, and I really wanted to do it.

And I got so good at it.

There were a lot on that show that were just really fun to draw.

But it was the most fun I had working on it.

That’s when it really clicked in my head.

What was it like to be part of the show?

I loved that show.

It’s got so much history and history is so important to me, and it’s a great show to be in, and a really fun show to work in, because you can really go into the dark and weird and dark corners of the world and be creative and fun.

So there was so much of that, and we had such a fun time doing it, that it was really fun.

How did you get involved with the project?

I was working with a lot other artists, and one of them was a guy named Dan Stokes.

I worked with him a lot when I did The Super Kid and The Super Rooster.

So he was a very good friend of mine.

So we went through a lot together, and when I said to him, “Hey, I’ve got this idea for a cartoon, and you’re going to be doing the animation,” he said, well, I’m not