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When “Bones” premiered in the fall of 2016, fans had been clamoring for more from the film, especially after the film’s cast and crew revealed that they would be appearing in the film as characters from the Mulan manga, which has been adapted into an animated series.

The movie’s director, Lee Unkrich, confirmed in December that he would be directing the film after being inspired by the film.

And now, we’re learning more about the movie’s main cast and cast members from the animated series, including the name of the film itself.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the official Mulan website has posted a teaser for the film with the following teaser: Mulan’s crew is all grown up.

But she doesn’t need to be, because her new, much older sister, Moo, is here to teach her how to be a good mom.

And she’s going to have to be ready.

“Moo’s gonna make sure she doesn toil and suffer for a while,” she says, according to EW.

“She’s gonna be here, watching over your every move.”

The “Bodies” trailer also showed Moo and a young Mulan, wearing masks.

“So it’s Mulan and her sister Moo together in the jungle,” the trailer says.

“They’re in the same tribe.

It’s all about Mulan trying to help her sister.

And they’re going to learn to be like her.”

According to EW, the trailer also revealed the film will be set in an alternate universe, and that the characters in the animated film will have been created in the 80s and 90s, but are not currently based on the characters of the original.