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A new cryptocurrency called cryptos devil is available for testing by anyone to use as a means to store digital data.

The new cryptocurrency, which was developed by a team of developers in the crypto-currency community, was created by a group of enthusiasts in the past two weeks and it will be launched on the Ethereum blockchain on September 5.

The developers are calling it the “Crypto Devil”, and they have started selling it on its website for 1.0 BTC (around $130) for those who want to test out their coin.

The cryptocurrency will be able to store up to 50 gigabytes of data, or roughly five petabytes.

Users will be given the option to store data in different files, and it is possible to create multiple wallets for the cryptocurrency.

This will make the wallet a bit easier to use.

Users can store the data in a file system, a browser extension or a cloud service, and the developers say the wallet can store data on a smartphone.

The wallet can be downloaded from the Ethereum website and can be used to create a custom wallet.

Users will also be able use cryptos to buy things, such as clothing and electronics, or to donate to charities.

The cryptocurrency also offers a means of making payments with other cryptocurrencies.

One thing to keep in mind about this new cryptocurrency is that it is only a proof-of-concept at this point.

The creators say that it may take a while before it’s available to the general public.

The team behind the new cryptocurrency will continue to work on making it more useful.

The team said that they plan to build an app for the Cryptos Devil which will allow users to store the cryptocurrency data on their smartphones, and users will be presented with the option of saving their own personal files as well.

There are already a number of cryptocurrency wallets on the market which are still in beta.

The developer team behind Cryptos devil has been working on it since June, and they are now ready to release the cryptocurrency for testing.

Crypto devil is designed for those that want to store their digital data in their wallet but do not have access to a computer.

Users can store up 100 gigabytes, which would allow for a wallet that is a bit more secure.

Cryptos wallets will also allow users access to all sorts of digital content and data, including the ability to upload photos, audio and video files, among others.

It is possible for users to have multiple wallets on their computer, or even multiple wallets in their browser.

Users may also be allowed to add and remove wallets as they like.

The developers have been working with a number companies to make the software available.

The company that made the cryptocurrency, Digital Currency Group, will be the main vendor for the cryptos.

It will be an open source project.

It has been created by the team of the Cryptonauts, a group that is currently working on making cryptocurrency wallets and the new cryptos wallet, and is based in Singapore.

The group is part of the community that created the Cryptospace project.

Digital Currency group will be supporting Cryptos dev for a period of two years.