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The first four minutes of Banana cartoons are available on Netflix for free, but you can only watch them if you’ve already watched the series’ previous installments.

That means that you can watch the entirety of the show from its first episode, but the entire series is only available for streaming on Netflix if you already have the show in your queue.

Here are the four episodes that will be available to watch.

A look at the first season, episode one.

A full list of episodes can be found here.

A quick rundown of the series, starting with episode one, titled “The Way I Am,” with its signature, slow-motion animation.

“The Banana” begins in a flashback, with the family’s new apartment and banana in hand.

You can watch it on Netflix here.

The first five minutes of episode four.

“Barbara, The Banana,” the series premiere, is a slow-mo documentary about the banana.

Watch it on YouTube here.

“Mulan” is the series finale.

Watch the series on Netflix Here.

A little over a month ago, we reported that Netflix would soon release a season of “Banana” that would stream on its service and stream on Hulu.

Now, the first five episodes are available for viewing, and they’re available on both platforms for free.

The series will premiere on Netflix on January 29, 2018, but we’re still waiting for the final episodes to be made available for online streaming.

In the meantime, check out the rest of the episodes below.

“A New Banana” (Season 1) The first episode of season one of “The New Banana.”

A slow-burn documentary about a banana.

You should watch it here.

“The World’s Best Banana” The second episode of “A Great Banana.”

Watch it here