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By Matt LauerPosted September 06, 2018 07:20:53 A man who made a drawing of his own death by a black bear is suing a zoo and zoo officials.

In the lawsuit filed Thursday, Jeffrey T. Brown, who lives in Michigan, says he was not allowed to take his own drawing and was shocked when he saw it on a social media feed.

The drawing depicted Brown with a bear that was sitting on his shoulder.

The suit alleges zoo officials did not inform Brown that the bear was a bear.

The suit also claims zoo officials ignored requests to remove the drawing.

“I was put on the spot and told that if I would like to remove it, that’s fine, that it was a private drawing that I was allowed to keep,” Brown said in a statement Thursday.

“I was also told that it’s a matter of public policy for me to not remove any of my drawings.

It was a horrible experience and I’m so thankful that I never got to see it.

I’ve never been in a zoo before and I feel completely betrayed.”

Brown, who was born in Michigan and moved to Florida in 2016, says zoo officials told him they would not remove the bear from his home.

Brown was a resident of Fort Lauderdale Zoo, which opened in 1992, but was denied admission to the zoo in 2018.

The lawsuit says zoo workers did not notify him of the bear’s presence.

A zoo spokesperson said the Fort Lauderdale zoo is not affiliated with the zoo named in the lawsuit.

The zoo has a Facebook page, which contains a picture of the black bear and a note about Brown’s case.

“We do not comment on pending litigation,” the Facebook page says.

The Facebook page also has a note of condolences and a link to a news story about the lawsuit and Brown’s drawing.

The Fort Lauderdale, Florida, zoo’s statement said the zoo’s policy for “private, non-public, or non-commercial, animal interactions is not to disturb, disturb other guests, or otherwise disturb other visitors.”