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A boy from rural Kentucky created a fictional monster in order to save a woman from an apparent rape.

The boy, named Jacob, created a stuffed animal called “Boom Boom Boom” as a way to teach his friends how to recognize a real animal.

He created a video to go along with the toy, which shows a woman walking through a woods with a stuffed tiger in her arms.

“I thought I could use that to teach people how to think critically, and to not be so quick to dismiss something like that,” Jacob said.

Jacob said the stuffed tiger is a good example of how children can use imagination to teach them about animals.

“When they see a lion, they know what a lion is, what a tiger is, and they know how to treat a lion,” Jacob explained.

Jacob, who attends a Catholic school in Kentucky, said he started making the stuffed animal as a “mechanic” to teach kids about animal behavior.

“It’s not a real lion, but a real stuffed tiger that they can go into the woods and get in a cage and get a bite,” Jacob told WSAZ-TV.

Jacob started making “Bom Boom Boom,” which is a way of teaching his friends, “that the animal that you have and you love is an animal that’s dangerous.”

He says his friends were shocked by the video.

“My whole world just flipped upside down and I felt like my world just collapsed and everything I had been doing and I didn’t know how I was going to survive,” Jacob says.

Jacob says he’s been teaching kids to be cautious of animals ever since.

“If I were to have been in a situation where I needed help and it was a real threat, that’s what I’d do,” Jacob explains.

“And that’s why I want to make sure that everybody in my family understands that there’s nothing wrong with what they do.”