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Engadgets: Birthday cake cartoons are a pretty common thing, but sometimes they get overlooked.

Here are 10 cartoons that were born after their birthday.1.

“Boom-Boom Biscuit” by Eric W. Schmidt2.

“Dee-Dee the Biscuiter” by Mike and Mandy Smith3.

“The Birthday Cake Party” by Pauline O’Grady4.

“Birthday Cake” by MandySmith, Andy and Jill5.

“I Don’t Wanna Be A Birthday Cake” (with Eric) by Steve Kostelanek6.

“Halloween Party” (by Andy) by Dave Kline7.

“Kaleidoscope” by Dave and Buster8.

“Cinnamon Roll Party” from the movie “The Breakfast Club”9.

“Happy Birthday!” by David Foster Wallace10.

“Lil’ Kaleidoscope” by Andy