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Cartoon BeatBox Battles, a battle mode for beatboxes, is a fun way to play your favorite cartoons on your iOS or Android device.

The game’s creators, Cartoon Beat Box Battles creator, Taku, has released a new video for the game that shows off some of the tricks he uses in order to beat his own cartoon battles.

Taku is a game designer who started playing beatbox games as a child, but his passion for these types of games grew over time.

Tekken 7, the game he has recently released on iOS and Android, has been a huge success, and he is currently working on a sequel.

Takashi Morita, a professional video game player and former pro in his home country of Japan, recently quit his job to create the cartoon battle mode.

Taku’s beatbox mode is a very simple way to beat a cartoon battle, which requires just a few taps on your screen.

Tikki Morita is the creator of Cartoon Beat Cards, a game where you draw cartoon cards and play them in your cartoon beatboxing mode.

It’s a fun, simple game that uses only your own drawings.

If you like beatboxing games, you might like to check out Tekken 7 and the Cartoon Beat Card.

Toku no Tatsujin (Cartoon Beat Card Battle) is available for iOS and will be released for Android soon.