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I’m glad to see that DC Comics is taking the opportunity to showcase some of its new animation talent in its animated DC Universe cartoon.

The animated Justice League comic book debuted this week, and it features a group of superhero heroes who are united against an enemy who uses technology to control the minds of the people around them.

It’s a very different sort of show from the animated DCU that the studio has previously put out, which has been much more about super-powered action and adventure.

The Justice League cartoons are being produced by Warner Bros., the same studio that animated the animated Justice Leagues first three films, as well as the DC Animated Universe TV show.

They are being directed by Joe Cornish and produced by Geoff Johns.

The team behind the animated shows has been working on the animated comic book series for a while, with John Layman (writer of the Justice League books) serving as the executive producer and Greg Weisman (director of Batman: The Animated Series and the Batman: Beyond movies) serving on the art team.

John Layman: “This is a very ambitious and ambitious project.

The characters are all new and new, and I’m proud to be working with Geoff Johns and Greg to bring them to life on the big screen.”

Weisman: “Our goal is to deliver the characters and stories that the fans love to see on the screen, and the Justice Leages are part of that process.”

“I’ve been working with John for a long time on the Batman comics, so I know he is a master storyteller.

The Justice League is an exciting, thrilling ride, and John is going to deliver it in a way that fans have never seen before.”

This is the second animated series from Warner Bros. DC Comics, following a Justice League film that debuted last year.

I’m excited to see how this animated series takes shape.

John: “The Justice Leaguers are a team of heroes who have united to defeat a new enemy: the Cyborg Brain Virus.

The team is united by their shared values and common mission, and they are on a quest to find a cure that will bring justice to the world.

I can’t wait to see what they bring to the bigscreen.”

Here’s the full synopsis for the Justice league cartoon:THE JEDIThe JEDIs are a special type of alien species that have been genetically engineered to serve as cyborgs.

They live on a planet called Sakaar, which is home to some of the most technologically advanced and advanced technology on Earth.

The Jedis have been created to help humanity fight the Cyborg Virus, a threat that has been spreading throughout the universe.

They have been called upon to protect humans from threats such as the Shadow Broker and the Vex, two super-villains who are on the verge of destroying the entire universe.

But these are not the only Jedi heroes that the Justice team has brought to the screen.

There are other aliens known as the Sentinels who have been given super powers by the Darkseid Cult and the Black Lanterns.

These aliens are a threat to all life on Earth, and so the team is now looking to recruit these alien allies to join their team.

But will the Sentins and the Lanterns be able to join the team without the help of their fellow alien allies?