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Cartoon Network is launching a new series in its flagship network, Wave, in which kids are introduced to the show’s colorful, cartoonish style and its richly diverse cast.

The series will air on Cartoon Network Mondays at 10pm ET and will feature 10 kids from ages 6 to 17.

Wave is a cartoon network show, so it’s not a new show, but it is the first one to be based on the Cartoon Network app.

Wave will be an interactive cartoon show for kids, in the same way that it’s been interactive for kids on the original Cartoon Network, Cartoon Mayhem.

Wave will be different in several ways, according to Cartoon Network:Wave will feature a lot of different characters, including a few new characters that are new to Wave.

The show will have a very diverse cast of characters, and they will have different personalities and styles, too.

Wave’s story line is also different, because it’s based on a cartoon, so there are a lot more characters and characters that don’t fit together in the show.

We are doing that, and that is why we think it’s so important to bring that element of humor into Wave.

The new Wave will have its own dedicated channel, where kids can see all the episodes and watch new episodes on a daily basis.

Cartoon Network has also launched an exclusive channel for Wave, which will have Wave episodes available on its YouTube channel for 30 days.

This exclusive channel is also exclusive to Wave, and it will feature all episodes from Wave on YouTube.

The wave series will feature different characters in different genres, and the characters will be animated in different styles and styles.

The Wave show will feature animated cartoons, as well as animated shorts.

Wave features a diverse cast, including characters that appear in every other Cartoon Network show.

Wave also has a special episode that will be released every Monday.

Wave airs on Cartoon Networks Mondays at 9pm ET, and Wave premieres on the app on the morning of Monday, June 28th at 10am ET.