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Happiness Defined

With their holiday trees on display at their schools, many of the residents of Twin Cities metro area celebrated Christmas in 2014.

The trees were decorated with a special message, “Holly’s New Year, Holly!”

The message was meant to be a greeting for the first time, according to a post on the official Twitter account for the Minneapolis Public Schools, which also posted the message on the school’s website.

“It was a message for the kids that their school was a place to learn and not just be a school,” said the school district’s director of public relations, Chris Johnson.

The message read: “Hollys New Year!

Happy Holidays, Holly.”

The school district did not know who was behind the Christmas tree decorating until last year when the school asked the public to look into it.

The official Twitter handle for the school now has more than 6,000 followers.

“We thought it was very cool that it was being shown on our school’s Facebook page, but it was just one of many things we looked into,” Johnson said.

Johnson said the message was a great opportunity to get feedback on the project.

“The first year, I thought it would be a little bit of a weird holiday,” Johnson recalled.

“But after we got some feedback, it became a really fun Christmas thing.

People were getting really excited.”

Johnson said that it is not unusual for people to come to the school and put their tree in front of the classroom.

“Some of them actually put a snowman in front, which was pretty cool,” Johnson added.