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DUCK DINNER, Tasmania’s Tasmanian Devil, was the latest to return to cartoon form this week, after a year-long absence, and a series of appearances on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

The series was inspired by the Tasmanian version of Disney’s classic fairy tale, which starred a devil-loving child who loves sweets and is a bad boy.

A Tasmanian artist has recreated the show as a cartoon, and said the devil’s appearance was a nod to the movie and the popular TV show, which was a precursor to today’s Disney films.

In the original, the cartoon devil was depicted as an angry teenager who hated sweets and was a bad-boy.

The Tasmanian cartoon devil, as seen in the movie Disney’s The Devil’s Dictionary, is a parody of the Disney character.

The cartoon devil is the most powerful creature in the universe.

The Devil’s dictionary is a reference to Disney’s 1985 classic The Little Mermaid, which depicts the evil villain’s adventures with the help of the Genie, a character created by the artist, who is known for his cartoon character, Mickey Mouse.