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This is the first in a series of three posts exploring the process of making a blue and white cartoon character.

This post will focus on the basics of drawing a blue character, but the technique can be applied to any cartoon character type.

A cartoon character is an object in the world of comic book or video game art that appears blue, and usually has a blue background.

The blue background, known as the background colour, can also be white or grey.

The word blue can refer to any color, although it can also refer to the colour of a material such as glass.

The most common way to draw a blue color in cartoons is by using the outline method.

The outline method, which is also called the sketch method, involves drawing lines that appear on paper with a thin white border around the outline.

This is called the blue outline.

For this example, we will use a thick white border, as the outline will create a gradient between the outline and the background, creating a line that is much sharper and more distinct.

For a more detailed tutorial, visit our article on drawing cartoon characters.

How to draw an outline The first step is to determine what the outline is for.

The main purpose of the outline in cartooning is to define the position of the character’s hands.

The hands are defined by the outline, and the hands are drawn by drawing lines on paper or using a pen.

This outlines the position the hands will be at as the cartoon progresses.

As we’ll see in the next part of this tutorial, drawing outlines is not limited to cartoons.

It can also work in a game, where characters are shown in more than one way.

Drawing outlines in a video game character drawing the outline of a game character in a cartoon Creating the outline to define an object The first thing you’ll need to do is find a good starting point.

The best way to do this is to draw something that looks like a black background.

If you don’t know where to start, use a ruler or tape measure.

Use a ruler to draw straight lines.

This will create the outline you want.

You’ll also need to use a pencil to trace out the outline for a while.

You can use a tape measure to draw lines along the outline’s edges.

The sketch method The sketch technique involves drawing a sketch that is more precise and clear.

A sketch is drawn in the same way as a drawing with a pencil.

Draw lines that are not too thick, and do not intersect the outline line.

Draw a sketch on a white background and leave some space between them.

As the sketch progresses, draw lines that get smaller as the sketch moves along the page.

For the blue sketch, the outline should not be too sharp or too thick.

It’s important to leave enough room for the drawing to be drawn in.

As you progress, draw a thin line that will fill up the entire outline.

Draw some lines along one side of the sketch and some along the other side of it, and leave a few inches of room between them as the drawing progresses.

The key to drawing a cartoon drawing the outlines is to make the outline as precise as possible.

It helps to draw the outline on paper, or in pencil, rather than in a computer program.

This way, the lines are not so sharp that you can’t make out individual lines with a ruler.

You want to be able to see the outlines and not just a solid line, so it’s important that you don\’t have to look at the drawing too much in order to draw them.

The outlines are drawn as a straight line that has a very small radius.

You should be able do this using a ruler, pencil or other pencil, so long as you have a ruler that you are comfortable with.

To draw a sketch, start by drawing the sketch on paper.

This sketch will help to define your drawing.

Now, draw some lines and trace them along the sketch’s edges and top.

If your sketch is too long, you can shorten the sketch by drawing a shorter line.

When you finish, draw two lines that will match the sketch.

As soon as you can draw two straight lines that look the same on paper and pencil, it’s time to start drawing the drawing in the computer.

Draw outlines with a pen When drawing the cartoon outline, you should draw a straight outline, as shown above.

If drawing the lines along a sketch’s top is too difficult, you may want to use the outline pen to draw out a line from the sketch to the outline or from the outline outline to the drawing.

When drawing a line on paper that looks the same as a line drawn with a sketch or a drawing software, it can be difficult to draw your outlines exactly in the way you want them to appear on a computer.

To help you with this, we’ll create an outline using the pencil tool.

The pencil tool allows you to draw two pencils at once.

You do this by clicking the pencil icon, then selecting the pencil and then dragging the pencil along the pencil.