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Animated cartoon chicken is a surprisingly popular way of animating cartoons, with more than a billion copies being sold on iTunes.

So how do you make one?

First things first: you need to get an animated chicken.

“It’s like having a big pet rabbit and making a pet parrot,” says Tim Taylor, a director at UK animation studio Blur.

The trick is to take a character with a large body and animate it, using lots of different elements, including a bird’s beak and wings.

You then combine this with a few animation tricks like changing the colour and movement of the characters and the animal itself, Taylor says.

It’s all about the chicken.

The chicken has to have a big body, it needs to be animated and it has to be colourful.

This is the tricky part, because while the chicken has a long tail, it can’t fly. “

It has to go into the air, it has a big beak, it moves around in the air.”

This is the tricky part, because while the chicken has a long tail, it can’t fly.

Taylor’s animation is not as complicated as it looks, but it’s still time-consuming.

He explains: “It’s a bit like trying to make a car, because there’s a lot going on.

It’s like trying a car to move on a flat track.”

Once you have your animation, you can take it to a big studio, like Disney, which has the ability to make animated chickens for the first time.

There are some other challenges to the chicken, such as the fact it can only be made for a short time.

That’s why some animators use a specialised CGI machine that allows them to make them for longer periods.

If you want to make one yourself, however, you’ll need a large chicken, like the one in the above animated cartoon chicken, which can run up to 150kg.

To make a real chicken, you need a big chicken that can run at least 30kg, and you need some sort of feathers.

But it’s not just animators who are getting in on the action.

In April, UK animator, Tim Taylor posted a video of himself making a chicken that looks a lot like a real one, showing how he uses feathers to make the animal.

As for the birds, the birds are made with the help of a CGI animation studio called Studio 3D, which makes animated birds for Disney.

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