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Christmas is the perfect time to draw a cartoon gun.

But it’s not the only time.

Here are a few tricks to help you get started.


Use a blank piece of paper, as the background.

This will allow you to draw out your cartoon and draw in the shape of a gun.

If you use a blank sheet of paper for the background, you can draw the gun out with only a sketch and ink.


Try using colour.

It’s easier to draw the cartoon using colour than white and grey, which is what you’ll be using.

It will be easier to work out the colour of the gun if you start with a blank.


Use colours.

You can use coloured pencils, paint pencils and paper to draw your cartoon.

You may want to try some of these.


Get a pencil and brush.

If your drawing is too long for a single drawing session, you’ll need a pen to work on it.

If the pencil is too small, the brush will get stuck and your cartoon will end up looking messy.


Use black and white.

You’ll find it easier to sketch out the shape by drawing black and coloured lines around the cartoon.

This works better than a pencil.


Use lots of colours.

Colour can help you draw the shape better, but if you use too many colours you’ll end up with a lot of cartooning.

Use red and blue to get the colour right.


Start with the cartoon, and work on the rest of the drawings.

This is the first time you’re drawing the gun, so make sure you’re getting the hang of drawing a gun before trying to draw another gun.


Practice the drawing.

You need to practise drawing your cartoon before you try drawing another gun, or you won’t be able to draw it as well as you could with no practice.

This can be helpful if you’re new to drawing cartooning, or if you’ve already made a few mistakes and want to improve.


Draw your cartoon on a blank or a piece of card.

You should make a drawing on a piece (such as a card) of paper before you begin drawing the cartoon gun on paper.

If this is too much work for you, just draw the drawing on the card, or draw the whole drawing on paper and then use a drawing brush to draw on the paper.


If using a drawing pen, make sure it’s a thin one.

Use thin pencils to work your way through your cartoon, but not too thin, as thin pens can tear and bleed.


Do your drawings with a pen.

The drawings you make with a drawing tool are not going to be as detailed as your drawing with a pencil, so they won’t always look the same.


Try a different colour for the gun.

A good rule of thumb is to start with black and red and work your drawing in black and green, before changing the colour.


Use your drawing brush.

You have two options for drawing your drawing.

First, you have the pencil, or a paintbrush.

The pencil is your best friend when it comes to drawing with the pen, but it’s the easiest to lose your pencil when you’re doing your drawing by hand.

The paintbrush is also your best friends, but you need to be careful with it.

You don’t want to cut the paintbrush on your pencil, which will ruin the pencil’s shape and make your drawing look bad.

The point of using a paint brush is to draw with the brush as much as possible, so that when you start drawing with it you have as much control over how the cartoon looks.


When drawing with your pencil and paintbrush, think about the colour you’re going to use.

It can make a huge difference in the look of your cartoon drawing.

For example, you could draw with black to give your drawing a more muted effect, or with green to make your drawings look more colourful.

If in doubt, try different colours.


You’re probably drawing in your sketchpad.

Draw with your sketchbook instead of your computer.

Drawing with your computer gives you a much better chance of keeping your drawings simple, and making sure you can always see the drawing and the drawing is correct.


Try your sketching with different tools.

You might be using a pen and paper, and a drawing tablet or pencil and not a drawing computer.

The more you use the drawing tablet and pencil, the more confident you will be with your drawing, and the less likely you are to make mistakes.


Take the time to check your drawing on your computer before you start your next drawing session.

If everything looks good, you should start drawing.

If there’s anything you need, you need it on the drawing screen.


Have fun with it!

You may end up creating something great that you can be proud of.

Remember that