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A-list cartoon caziques and cartoon dabbies will be able to buy their wares from the UK after Brexit, the British government said on Thursday.

The UK’s Trade and Investment Committee (TIC) said that imports from the European Union (EU) would be allowed to be made for up to five years and exports of the same kind could be made up to two years after the withdrawal of the EU.

The TIC said the UK government had “committed to supporting exports from the EU” during the Brexit process.

“The government is committed to support exports of cartoon cachiques, daffODUs, cartoon cadabras, cartoon flowers, cartoon chrysanthemums, cartoon fungi and other ‘A’ and ‘B’ list items, but this cannot be done in a single country,” it said.

The Government has said it wants to keep the “big five” of British-made goods, including books, newspapers, television and computer equipment.

In recent years, the UK has suffered a “dysfunctional” and “uncompetitive” export market, leading to a drop in UK exports to the EU, which is the largest trading partner.

The government has also said it would work with the European Commission to allow the UK to negotiate a trade deal with the bloc after Brexit.