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How to Make Cartoon Goat – XXXTENTacion (feat.

Raul)From Raul to XXXXTentation, XXXTentacion is the story of how the rapper, producer and writer XXXT became a cartoon goat for the internet in a series of tweets on January 21, 2020.

The series was first published in the French-language comic-book website X-Men, which has since been taken down.

In the first tweet, XXTentations name is spelled as XXXT, while the caption reads: “What are you doing in the world?”.

XXXT’s Twitter account, @XXXTentations, is an homage to the late rapper and the comic-books he was influenced by, including his own work.

“The name XXXT is a pun on XX,” said cartoon goat creator and artist Fabien Blauvelt.

“So if you want to call me a cartoon frog, that’s OK.

You’re welcome.”

The cartoon goat was inspired by a video of rapper XXXTentation and his entourage on stage at the MTV Music Video Awards in March, in which the artist’s entourage was dressed as cartoon goats.

The cartoon goats are a tribute to the cartoon frog character, which is a type of frog.

The Twitter account’s creators have also posted cartoon cartoons of XXXT and XXXT to the feed, using the hashtag #CarteBlanche.

The cartoons were also featured in a video released by XXXT in April.

In an Instagram post on June 10, the rapper claimed that he created the cartoon goat character in the image of his friend and collaborator Raul.

“It’s just me,” said XXT.

“We’re both cartoon goats and we both live in Paris.

I’m in Paris because I love to live in France and it’s also where I live my life, but also because I’m a rapper.”

The cartoons, which feature XXXT wearing a red hat and a white shirt, have attracted attention in the United States.

A US television station, NBC, announced on June 23 that it was dropping the “Cartoon Goat” nickname after it was used by two men on a train to describe XXXT.

“I’m sorry to all of you people who are offended by this, and I’m sorry that you’re thinking that XXXT was saying that he was a cartoon animal and that’s just not what he said,” said the station’s president, Joe Buck.

“He wasn’t.”

The station later tweeted that it had been changed to “The Cartoon Goat”, and that it would be changing the nickname to “X-Men”.

The tweet was widely shared on social media and drew a strong response from Twitter users.

“Cartoon goats are just like cartoon animals,” wrote Twitter user @lil_tiger.

“These guys are just being very clever,” wrote @snowcat.

“There are cartoon animals who eat the poop of cartoon goats, but there are no cartoon goats who eat cartoon frogs.”

“I thought it was funny,” tweeted @hippie_willy.

“It’s not cartoon animals but cartoons, it’s funny.”