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A new Harly Quinn cartoon from the Disney animation studio is set to hit the screens this Friday, December 5, but don’t expect it to be your average cartoon.

It’s not your typical cartoon.

The Disney team behind the cartoon, and creators of the hit series, have created a cartoon for the first time which will not only be very different from anything else out there, but also very, very special.

The animation is created by artist and producer Jamie Quinn and his team at Marvel Studios.

It’s being produced in a very different way than the Disney version which is meant to be a family animated series.

“It’s a very personal cartoon and it’s really a family cartoon.

I love doing this kind of stuff.

I think it’s very fun to do,” said Quinn.”

This is something very different to anything I’ve ever done.

This is the first cartoon we’ve done that I think is meant for families.”

The series is being created for the kids.

“Kids and their parents will get to know these characters.

They will get an opportunity to interact with these characters,” said Disney animator Paul Sullins.”

Harley Quinn, it’s just an amazing opportunity for kids to learn about their characters and be inspired by these characters.”

Harley and Quinn’s relationship will be the centrepiece of the series.

It is set in the fictional city of San Fransokyo, where Harley Quinn is a famous street fighter who is a superhero, and she is the girlfriend of one of the city’s most famous heroes, The Joker.

“I wanted to have Harley and Joker together in a cartoon,” said Sullis.

“That’s what I love about the world of cartoons and comics, is you get to do something that’s very personal and very intimate.

I feel like that’s what we’re doing here.””

We wanted to get to a place where they’re very close to each other and it doesn’t feel like a cartoon show, it feels like a family show,” said the Disney animators.”

We love to create a family of characters that are very close, but they’re not like the usual cartoons that you see.

I thought Harley and the Joker were a perfect pairing.”

Harleys love to ride bikes and chase the Joker.

But Harley Quinn has other adventures.

She is also a detective who has to catch a serial killer.

In the show, the two characters are fighting against the Joker’s criminal organisation, the Suicide Squad.

“The characters are very well drawn, and they’re all very unique,” said artist Jamie Quinn.

“I love the cartoon that we’re creating, I think this is going to be an amazing cartoon.”

The animation for Harley Quinn’s first appearance in a Disney cartoon.

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